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Most platforms treat subscribers as data to be tracked, profiled and optimized. We focus on building honest relationships through respecting privacy and offering a great experience for everyone.

The respectful way to send marketing emails.

Don’t worry about algorithms or segmentation, send genuine content and listen to the feedback.

Everything you need to setup your list and get started quickly

Email marketing redesigned for the subscriber.

Empower your subscribers and build stronger relationships.

Privacy and Respect

No spying. No tracking. No profiling.

We don’t like the idea of anyone monitoring when we open an email or click on a link, so we don’t support those features. Instead, we make it easy for subscribers to send direct feedback on their terms.

It just works

No setup. No password.

Every email includes direct links that ensure only the subscriber can update their subscription and send feedback. And if you don’t have a link, you can request one on demand.

Visibility and Control

Why am I on this list?

Instead of sharing a generic reason why everyone is on this list, we share the specifics about when you were added to this list. We also share your complete subscription history, and a common place to see all your Respectful Email subscriptions.

Invite only pre-launch

While we’re busy dotting our i’s and crossing our t’s preparing for our beta launch, we’re allowing a limited number of users to help proveout the system. Email us to learn more about becoming a pre-launch user.

Email us about the pre-launch

Taking the "creepy" out of email marketing.

Respectful Email was made for companies and organizations that want the benefits of an email marketing service without any of the "creepy" practices or associations that email maketing can involve.

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Our story and frequently asked questions

Respectful Email was founded in Ann Arbor, MI, in 2022 with the goal of creating an indepedent email marketing service that focuses on privacy and respect for the subscriber, which are qualities generally not associated with marketing platforms.

    • Why don’t you track opens and clicks?

      Tracking opens and clicks relies on technology that encroaches on subscriber privacy. Opens and clicks also provide only indirect feedback and are becoming increasingly less reliable as more and more people and services clamp down on privacy.

    • If I can’t see opens or clicks, how do I know if my emails are effective?

      We have built direct feedback into the service from the ground up. This makes it easier for your subscribers to provide feedback and easier for you to receive and organize it.

    • How does direct feedback work?

      Every Respectful Email can include a direct feedback item with special links that allow subscribers to easily answer a question and share a comment.

    • What is an example of direct feedback?

      The default direct feedback question asks if the email was helpful and provides buttons for the subscriber to answer yes or no, along with an optional commnent.

    • Are Respectful Emails GDPR compliant?

      Most regulations are put in place to ensure some level of respect for email recipients. We believe we go above and beyond the requirements of GDPR, but you must check with your local authorities to confirm if the way you are using our service is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

    • Are Respectful Emails CAN-SPAM compliant?

      We make every attempt to include the necessary information in all of our templates to be CAN-SPAM compliant; however, you must check with your local authorities to confirm if the way you are using our service is compliant with all applicable rules and regulations.

    • What if I run into issues and need support?

      If you run into trouble we’re here to help. Email us at and a real human will get back with you as soon as we can.

    • Do you support integrations with other services?

      Not at this time. However, if there is an integration that would be particularly helpful to you, please email us as and let us know.

    • How reliable is Respectful Email?

      Our platform is built on industry leading AWS resources and uses the latest web technologies to provide a moderm, high performance, and highly reliable experience for everyone.